Online Video and Telephone Counselling


Online Video and Telephone Counselling or CBT sessions: A Practical and Convenient way of accessing therapy

Both online video and telephone counselling sessions are very practical and convenient ways of accessing professional help. They can be quite useful if is difficult to attend face-to-face appointments due to distance, work/childcare commitments, busy schedules, etc.

Online video or telephone counselling gives a similar experience to standard sessions, from the comfort of your home. You may be in a different city or country from your therapist, distance is no more a barrier!

I generally use Zoom video calls because of easy screen sharing and other helpful features. However, sometimes clients request using other platforms for various reasons and I am flexible with that.

While many people like having their sessions via a video call, some prefer the added sense of anonymity offered by telephone. Telephone counselling can be conducted via regular calls from mobiles, landline or through the internet by using Zoom, WhatsApp or other secure applications.

“Having the sessions on telephone from the comfort of my home made it easier for me to open up. I would say to anyone who feels daunted by the idea of going to a new place, telephone counselling is a good first step and a very empowering one.” – A Telephone Client 

Whether you opt for Video or telephone sessions, useful resources and links are shared via email.

Chat-based therapy

Once we’ve had our first session over a video call, you can opt to have your sessions via chat (instant messages) as well. 

Benefits of Online Video,  Telephone & Chat-based Counselling and therapy services

  • Geographical location is not a barrier
  • Saves travelling time and costs
  • Convenient
  • Connects quickly in seconds
  • Can be accessed from different locations when needed.
  • You can easily switch between various platforms when you need to. 
  • More flexibility with session times

You can choose to have sessions on Skype, Botim, Google Meet or Signal if you prefer any of these to Zoom.

Google Meet has good accessibility features for those with additional needs. For example, users who are hard of hearing can benefit from displays captions of the person speaking.

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