The fee per session is £90-110 depending on the method of payment as indicated below:

Standard fee for self-funding clients paying by UK bank transfers: £90/session.
International transfers: £95/session

Fee for payment through insurance or other companies: 110/session (includes standard correspondence/extension letters)

If due to financial difficulties, you are looking for therapy with a lower fee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as I would be happy to sign post you to Muslim organisations and therapists offering low-cost therapy.

Private Healthcare Insurance

I am a recognised provider with several insurance companies

Therapy Options

Option 1: Regular sessions

Many clients prefer regular weekly therapy to focus on a particular problem and it definitely has its advantages. If this is what you are looking for, we can match a weekly day and time that suits you. There is no commitment to take any fixed number of sessions.

Option 2: Single Session Therapy (SST) by appointment

Sometimes people just prefer an open-door approach where they can come for a session as and when needed.
In SST, the therapist and client meet with the intention of addressing the problem in a realistic way that is possible within that time frame in order to help the client to then move forward on their own. However, more sessions can be booked if needed.

A short interesting animated video explaining Single-Session Therapy

It is important to mention that no one size fits all and some problems do require a regular commitment to make the most of therapy.  A good example is OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which would be addressed better with regular weekly sessions and completing agreed tasks in between the sessions. When option 1 is more suitable I will advise accordingly.

Brief Therapy Interventions

In order to meet this ever-increasing need of providing treatment within a limited time frame or with limited number of sessions, I have undertaken additional training to offer focused brief treatment interventions. For more details see Focused Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (FACT) under Training and Qualifications section of the ‘About me’ page. When offering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with option 2, I apply the same principles of brief treatment to adapt therapy to fit the time I have with the client.

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