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Private therapy is a charged service allowing quicker access to treatment. 

With you and your therapist working hard through this journey, committed to overcoming your problems, it can be considered an investment in your well being.

Standard fee: £70/session. 

Low Cost Options (Details below)

International transfers: £75/session

You don’t need to commit to any minimum number of sessions and can stop whenever you feel is right for you.

Therapy Options 

There are two options to choose from and you can always move from one to the other:

Option 1: Regular weekly sessions at the same day and time every week.

Option 2: Stand-alone/One-off session (offering brief therapy interventions) taken  as and when needed.

Many clients prefer regular weekly therapy to focus on a particular problem and it definitely has its advantages. However, not everyone is in a position to commit weekly. Therefore, if due to financial or any other reasons you cannot make that commitment or would just like to first try out one or two sessions, you can choose the second option.

Sometimes people just prefer an open door approach where they can come for one or a few sessions, as and when needed. Usually these are times when life is more challenging or they feel stuck.

Please note there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and some problems do require a regular commitment to make the most of therapy.  A good example is OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which would require regular weekly sessions. When option 2 is not suitable I will advise accordingly.

Brief Therapy (Option 2)

In order to meet this ever increasing need of providing treatment within a limited time frame or with limited number of sessions, I have undertaken additional training to offer focused brief treatment interventions. For more details see Focused Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (FACT) under Training and Qualifications section of the ‘About me’ page. When offering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with option 2, I apply the same principles of brief treatment to adapt therapy to fit the time I have with the client.

Brief therapy offers an overall low cost therapy option, making quicker affordable access to therapy possible for even those individuals who might otherwise hold back due to financial barriers. When you need to speak to someone, even one session is better than having none!

Other Low Cost Options/Discounted fee

If you feel you need regular weekly therapy but are unable to pay the full fee due to difficult financial circumstances, please mention this when you get in touch. I will either work with you myself by offering a discounted option or sign post you to Muslim organisations offering low cost therapy.

Please do not let any financial challenges hold you back from seeking the help you deserve. 

Last but not the least, NHS offers free therapy. To search for your free local NHS talking therapy service please use the link below:

Find NHS therapy services

Therapists at the NHS are trained to be culturally sensitive and will try to take your background into perspective. This may work well for some people. You can access these services through your GP or directly self-refer. There will usually be long waiting lists, but many services may also offer other options like text-based/chat therapy, group therapy, computerised programs etc depending on your presenting problems, which might be comparatively quicker to access than the usual 1-1 face-to-face services.

If you would like to book a session with me or have any other questions, please feel free to call, email or send a message. I’m also available on WhatsApp. 

Working hours: 9 am –  3:30 pm on weekdays and half day on Saturday. 

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